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About pulfer holistics

If you have been searching for holistic or complementary therapies that you can feel working, this is the place for you. I have over 8 years experience and dedicate a lot of time to gaining the best experience I training available to offer effective complementary therapies to you. The following pages will give an overview of the therapies available. They will explain what each of the therapies are and what to expect when you book an appointment with me. However to contact me if you require any further information.

Benefits of Holistic Therapies

I work with a huge variety people from musicians to solicitors, nurses, therapists and Personal Trainers. All have various reasons for choosing a particular therapy. Commonly, these include releasing muscular tension, relieving pain and helping to recover from specific injuries. Other reasons for choosing holistic therapies include managing anxiety, aiding good mobility in advancing years, supporting an exercise intense lifestyle and maintaining a wellness regime.

Therapies Available

Deep Tissue Massage, Tuina Massage and Pregnancy Massage. I have invested a lot in learning from someone the best UK teachers bringing wonderful and effective therapies to Leeds.  Additionally, the soothing and balancing therapies of Reflexology and Reiki are available too. Finally, Aromatherapy is woven into most of the therapies I practice as well as being a stand alone treatment. 

The complementary/holistic therapies I offer are ones I have experienced myself and have a firm belief in the amazing impacts they have. That is to say holistic therapies can help release tension and ease pain, liberating the body from tightness. The realease in muscular tension results in a relaxation of the mind often lifting our mood and creating a sense of being grounded and connected. Consequently, people usually leave the therapy room with glowing cheeks and contented smile. To read about my background and training please click here.

Use the links or menu above to view the individual therapies and gain a good understanding of what you can expect when you come for your first appointment. 

Contact Me To Book Your Treatment

Do get in touch if you have specific questions as I am happy to talk through all that I can over the phone or via email.  Importantly, I aim to answer all enquiries as quickly as possible this may not be possible outside my clinic hours.

The treatment room is open Monday – Wednesday 9am – 7pm and Saturdays 8.30am – 1pm.  You can book appointments online here.

Gift vouchers area available by post or email. Also, payments can be taken by BACS. Please email me here for more details.

Finally, if you require specific information on accessibility, contact me directly via email or telephone.


MFHT membership number 171407.

Note: A number of private health care insurance policies cover complementary therapies. Check your individual policy for details. You may be reimbursed for your therapy appointment.