Massage Therapist Leeds


Massage Therapist Leeds

I am a massage therapist in Leeds. Since first training in Swedish massage I have had a thirst to learn more and more ways by which complementary and holistic therapies can help people. I work with my clients finding their unique route to wellness. Having an array of therapies means that when I see clients regularly they can swap between therapies depending on how they are feeling on the day of their appointment. People can also ‘pick and mix’ therapies a recent example being a two hour session consisting of Deep Tissue Massage, Head Massage and Foot Massage. In this way we find the best treatment plan for you, easing common aches, pains and stress-related issues as well as targeting injury based aliments.

Reiki quickly became apart of the therapies helping me develop my intuition and a ‘listening touch’ so that areas of tension are quickly found and a release is felt. Reflexology and Aromatherapy support the other therapies I practice as well as being powerful stand alone treatments.

Hearing from so many people that they want a massage they can ‘feel working’ I sought out massage training schools that specialise in various forms of deep tissue massage. I have worked with the NO HANDS® massage company developing a unique and beautiful approach to bodywork which is nurturing, soothing, grounding and can be deeply releasing on a physical and emotional level. With the Jing Institute I enhanced techniques used during massage therapy sessions which focus on specific areas of pain. I work with my clients to remove their causes of pain and tightness. This can sometimes be through a course of treatments or a over a shorter duration depending on the ‘problem’.

Tuina, Chinese Medical Massage, has further increased the range of techniques at my disposal to release tension and quickly aid peoples’ recovering from long-standing pain and injuries. The techniques I most often work with are no-hands moves, trigger point work, passive stretching, joint mobilisations, petrissage, rocking and static pressures, as well as understanding the meridians that relevant to the areas being worked..

Studying with Well Mother and Touch TuinaUK has opened my mind to Eastern Medicine and I am now developing my knowledge in this area as it is fascinating and useful to to so many aliments.

The more closely I work with people as a massage therapist in Leeds the more I learn about the mind-body connection, this is inseparable. Just think of how you physically feel when stressed, tense or angry then think about how you feel when calm or happy…for this reason I like to offer all my clients the space and time to relax and unwind and begin a process of self-healing.

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List of Qualifications

  • Tuina Student to Master, 2013
  • APNT Massage & Pregnancy Diploma, 2012
  • Reiki Level 2, 2012
  • Reiki Level 1, 2010
  • Foundation in Advanced Clinical Massage, 2011
  • Hot Stone Therapy Course, 2011
  • NO HANDS® Practitioner, 2011
  • Beauty Therapy Level 2, 2011
  • Level 3 Swedish Massage, 2010
  • Level 3 Complementary Therapies (Reflexology and Aromatherapy), 2010
  • Diploma in Body Massage, 2010