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Deep Tissue Massage Leeds

Deep Tissue Massage is for people who like to feel their massage working. If you’ve been searching for a sports massage to rid yourself of long standing pain, discomfort or tightness then look no further. Deep tissue massage can help to release tight muscles and improve performance in athletic individuals.

There are two types of deep tissue massage to choose from. Please read the page on Tuina  Massage to see if this may be of interest to you. I find Chinese Massage more quickly warms up muscle tissue identifying areas that need focused massage and mobilisation.

Deep Tissue Massage Leeds prices

  • 60 minute initial session £45
  • 30 minute follow-ups £30
  • 75 minutes £55
  • 90 minutes £65

Top tip: combining deep tissue massage with an uplifting head massage is popular option when choosing a therapy for 90 minutes.

Gift vouchers

If you are looking for a gift for a friend, colleague or loved one then email amy@puferholistics.com we will arrange pre-payment and delivery.

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Combining soothing and warming effleurage with deep kneading, stretching and trigger pointing this style of massage will help to alleviate restrictions freeing up muscles and joints. The result: you feel taller, looser and more comfortable in your body.

If you have been experiencing restricted movement, discomfort or feel like your body deserves some positive attention Deep Tissue Massage could be what you are looking for. Techniques which can include; static pressure, kneading, and stretching will unwind areas of restricted tissue, free up your movements and help you feel great.

Dry Cupping Leeds

Learning Chinese Deep Tissue Massage introduced me to the use of cupping. Cups, like massage, help to release tension in fascia and muscle tissue primarily through stretching the tissue and drawing fresh blood to restricted areas. This then helps with healing and removal of scar tissue. Because of this, I find cupping a very useful tool when releasing certain areas of tension but we will only use them if you want to.

How does it work?

The techniques described help to improve blood flow and stimulate the lymphatic system. This increases the rate at which nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the muscles whilst toxins (e.g. lactic acid) are flushed away. This can powerfully reduce discomfort experienced in the body, improve mobility from stiff muscles and joints, speed up the recovery time between exercise sessions, help overcome injuries and reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches.

Search the FAQs for further information or call 07949 772 713.


Call 07949 772 713 or email to book your deep tissue massage in Leeds. Clinic open hours are Monday – Wednesday 9am – 7 pm and Saturdays 9am – 2pm.

What clients say

As a dancer, I am constantly in need of a massage. I am also quite an anxious person who doesn’t sleep well. After having had a treatment from Pulfer Holistics, I felt a lot more calm, relaxed and it was easier to sleep! My muscles really needed to mix of deep massage and relaxation and I can’t thank you enough for how wonderful that hour was!

Esther Goldsmith

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Note: A number of private health care insurance policies cover complementary therapies. Check your individual policy for details as you may be reimbursed for your therapy appointment.