Tuina Massage Leeds

Chinese Tuina Massage is an Eastern approach to sports massage.  A cotton sheet is used to cover you, the client, and this provides valuable grip allowing techniques to be used which can quickly rid your muscles of “knots” and tightness.  Such restriction in the muscles can cause pain and even headaches and restricted movement in the back, neck, calves, hamstrings, hips, basically anywhere in the body! The result, many people feel looserw, taller and joints have more movement than many people have experienced in a long time.  Tuina massage can be applied to anywhere in the body where you are experiencing discomfort. If it has been suggested that you try a Sports Massage this may be the massage for you. Available now, it is available in Garforth, Leeds. If you feel like you want a “better than standard” massage but may be won’t a little more gently than this then have a read of the deep tissue massage page.

Prices for Tuina massage Leeds

  • 60 minute initial session £47 including a consultation
  • 30 minute follow-ups £30
  • 75 minutes £55

Gift vouchers are available for any value or for a specific treatment email for more information.

How is Tuina Massage different?

Different from many styles of Western massage Chinese Tuina massage has  an upbeat rhythm. Some techniques work at 120 – 160 repetitions per minute. With this rhythm a gentle rocking motion occurs through the body releasing and relaxing tight joints. Another major difference is that the patient remains fully clothed during the treatment and is massaged through a cotton cloth. The absence of oil increases friction which allows me to feel the muscles and move joints very effectively. The techniques of Chinese Tuina massage are further enhanced through the stimulation of meridians and acupressure points. Meridians are energy channels containing specific points called acupressure points. Stimulating particular channels and points can help restore balance and free up areas of stagnation, depletion or excess in the body.

With tuina you remain fully clothed with a cotton sheet over the top of you. This creates friction which allows for cross-friction techniques to be used. Cross-friction techniques work across the muscle fibers and by using these techniques we can quickly warm up muscles, break down scare tissue, platelets and metabolites and allowing healing to the area. It is this which gives the senses of release and can reduce pain, restricted movement and headaches.

Chinese Tuina massage is a deep tissue massage similar to sports massage used to target specific problem areas. I have seen and experienced its powerful, pain relieving effects and ability to increase flexibility in muscles and joints in the whole body.

Dry Cupping, Leeds

During the treatment dry cupping techniques may be used. Cupping can improve relaxation within muscles and facia. They work in a different direction of movement to massage which is why they can be a great tool in treating very tight areas. So, if a particular area isn’t relaxing as much as I think it can then the introduction of cups can really improve relaxation and flexibility in the muscle and facia.  Cupping stretches muscle and fascia whilst also bringing fresh blood to the area. Fresh blood provides the nutrients needed for tissues to heal and repair. I will only use dry cups if you are happy or me to do so.

Who uses Tuina?

Everybody! Chinese Tuina massage can be used by anyone who has a need for it:

  •  Great for sports people or gym lovers. Give your muscles and extra boost and work out knots and tension
  •  Desk bound workers. Feel looser and longer after a long day at the screen!
  •  Those in advancing years. Take a holistic approach to staying mobile and keeping fit.
  •  People who love looking after their body and mind.

My experience of Chinese Tuina massage is that it can help the body to heal and repair quickly by breaking down scar tissue and muscular adhesion encouraging the flow of blood, oxygen and chi to areas in need. It can be beneficial to the following: injuries (sporting and non-sporting), headaches, migraines, generalised aches, pains, tension, muscular spasm, back, knee and foot pain, as well as helping to calm the mind (shen) and helping to boost resilience to stressful life occurrences.

What to expect at your appointment?

When you come to Premier House I will greet you at the stairs and take you to the threatment room. Here we will complete a consultation form and discuss why you have come booked and appointment and what you hope to achieve from the massage. 

It is advisable that you wear loose cotton clothing or stretchy, moveable clothing which will allow stretching and for trousers or sleeves to be rolled up if we are working calves, feet, forearms, hands or the neck. Cream with warming essential oils (home made by me) will be applied to these areas if we are working on them. If we are working on the back or shoulders I will work the neck too. 

Chinese Tuina massage is a deep massage though it can be adapted to be more calming and soothing. If you have muscles that are tense or injured it may be painful. As the body heals and repairs you may (though this isn’t always the case) experience tiredness and/or muscle soreness after your appointment similar the feeling you get after exercise or something similar. This is because we literally “work” your muscles. Feeling lighter, taller, energised, invigorated, more flexible and more movement in your joints are possible side effects too! You will be encouraged to drink water after your session to help support you circulatory system. Sometimes people feel a bit light headed or dizzy after an appointment. Give yourself some time after the appointment to get back into the swing of your day.

Like any complementary therapy it is important that you seek the advice of your GP or primary medical care provider if you are on long-term medication or have other conditions/illnesses. If you have any questions search the FAQs or call 07949 772713. Email me if you wish to buy a gift voucher for a friend or loved one.

Training for Tuina

The tutor for Chinese Tuina massage has busy clinics in York and London as well as teaching nationwide. Drawing from his experience in Shiatsu and Sports Massage he has modified and adapted techniques taught in the Chinese hospitals to create a comprehensive system of medical massage. Training for tuina is a year-long apprenticeship and is the most comprehensive massage training I have undertaken to date. I continue to enhance my skills by attending mentoring days and refreshing my knowledge of anatomy and physiology through home-study and CPD activities.


Please call 07949 772713 or email to book your Chinese massage.

What clients say

I came to see Amy for the first time with an extreme tension in my neck and shoulders and consistent headaches, which would not respond to my own herbal treatment as they clearly had muscular skeletal origin. I knew a little bit about Chinese deep tissue massage and how it can help to improve various health conditions but was slightly concerned due to my very low pain threshold. I have told Amy about it and she reassured me that there will be only the amount of pressure applied I can tolerate. A relief came straight after my first session and with continuing the treatment my whole body started to feel better, which was an unexpected extra benefit. My headaches disappeared after my second treatment. I also realised that with each session I could tolerate more and more pressure on my muscles. That was very important for me and somehow made me feel stronger overall. I have also noticed that the way I react to oncoming stresses has also changed - I have become so much more resilient. Thank you Amy, the techniques you use and your wonderful hands have helped me so much. I would certainly recommend your treatments to anyone who wants to feel better in more ways than one.

Natalia Williams
Practicing Medical Herbalist


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Note: A number of private health care insurance policies cover complementary therapies. Check your individual policy for details as you may be reimbursed for your therapy appointment.