Pregnancy Massage Leeds

It is a wonderful privilege to work with pregnant women and their partners during this precious time. I trained in a massage that is suitable for all stages of pregnancy, from the first trimester into the postnatal period. The massage supports mother, baby and birthing partner if you want to include them! You can have a one-off, pampering treat or regular sessions throughout the pre-natal period as part of a holistic approach to pregnancy and birth. It is possible to include birthing partners in one or more appointments. These sessions will give the partner practical skills to support mother and baby. Techniques learned during appointments can be used in pregnancy, during birth and into the post-natal period.

Call 07949 772 713 or email to book your first appointment.

If you are looking to treat a loved one, friend or colleague gift vouchers are available. gift vouchers can be made out to a specified amount or for individual treatments. Contact me at for more details.

Pregnancy Massage Leeds prices

  • Initial session 75 minutes £55
  • Follow up session 60 minutes £45
  • 90 minute sessions £65

This massage is more than a massage, it is as diverse and adaptable as pregnancy, birthing and parenthood can be. What we do during an appointment is completely individual to your needs on the day and is based on the consultation which takes place in the beginning of each session. Consultations are hugely important which is why I recommend 75 minutes for your initial appointment. If you come for a course of treatments you will experience how the bodywork adapts to your changing needs.

I support clients through many issues from nausea, anxiety, restless leg syndrome to tight muscles, swollen ankles and SPD. Having this appointments provides a space where you feel comfortable (many women are surprised at how comfortable they are) and able to talk through excitements or concerns. The bodywork we use can be light, gentle and flowing or more in-depth if that is the type of massage you prefer.

One-off appointments and gift vouchers are available simply contact me for more information

At each appointment we can create time for you to develop a deeper connection with your baby using visualisations. Visualisation tools can be particularly useful if you are a busy individual and finding time for yourself is tricky. You can practice visualisations outside appointments on a daily basis. Including partners in the visualisations is a beautiful way to engage you both with the baby. 

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage


  •  receive useful tips to support you through pregnancy, getting an exercise ball is just one!
  •  release muscular tension and aches
  • receive useful tips to support you through pregnancy; getting an exercise ball is just one!
  •  reduce the appearance of swelling in the ankles and wrists
  • develop an awareness of body posture
  • loosen tight hips and calves
  • regather your energy and calm the body after the birth

I’d be delighted to talk to you further, feel free to call on 07949 772713 or email My clinic days are Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturday mornings. My aim is to reply to enquiries as soon as possible outside of these days.

What to expect

Pulfer Holistic Therapies is based in Suite 3 Premier House, Garforth. Follow signs for Premier World Fitness and park up there Premier House and Premier World Fitness are in the same building. There’s plenty of free parking for a stress free arrival and departure. Ladies toilets are on the first floor and if you arrive with lots of time you’re welcome to sit in the gym café and enjoy a beverage or sit and read a magazine. Please buzz suite 3 at the time of your appointment. I may be with another client if you come earlier and the intercom is quite loud!

At your appointment we will talk through a questionnaire asking about your general health, your last visit to your medical practitioner (e.g. midwife, obstetrician, etc.) and the reason for your visit. Together, we develop a suitable treatment plan.

I explain the set up of the massage area as there are plenty of bolsters and cushions to keep you comfortable. You are then given time and prviacay to undress and settle into position comfortably.

After the massage I give you some time to gently get up and dressed. Help yourself to some refreshing water as we close the session talking about the benefits received from the techniques used during your appointment. If required, we book you in for a follow-up appointment.


Massage and the First Trimester

In the first trimester many things are contraindicated (which basically means are recommended not to do them). Massage is one of those and it is important to understand why. It is not because massage can cause miscarriage, like so many other things ruled out during the first trimester, it is because of the fear of miscarriage. Fear is a valid reason for being cautious in your first trimester, miscarriage is a devastating and distressing process for people to go through. It is however a natural process and body work, massage and other therapies can be a lovely, nurturing  and supportive thing to receive at this time. I work with women in their first trimester however you need to be comfortable with this. 

Want to read more? Please visit my inspiring pregnancy massage teacher’s blog Debunking the Myths of Massage in Pregnancy.


Call 07949 772 713 to book your pregnancy massage in Leeds. Appointments are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays.


What clients say

I saw an advert for pregnancy massage whilst having lunch one day and thought I’d give it a go (especially as I was getting more and more backache as my pregnancy progressed). Amy tailors/tailored each treatment session to my needs and I leave feeling looser and less stressed than when I arrived. I continued to come after my baby was born and have found each session invaluable and I always look forward to my next appointment and a chance to unwind.

Dr Anne Pinches
Mother of two

Your massage looked beautiful

Assessor for the Association of Physical and Natural Therapists
March 2012 Pregnancy Massage Diploma Assessment


MFHT membership number 171407.

Note: A number of private health care insurance policies cover complementary therapies. Check your individual policy for details as you may be reimbursed for your therapy appointment.