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Aromatherapy Massage Leeds

Unwind and soothe your body with nature’s aid in the form of powerful essential oils working with an Aromatherapy Massage. 

Through a variety of methods, numerous plants have been distilled producing essential oils. These oils contain unique properties with different effects. Some may conjure up memories that lay dormant for years, others induce a feeling of warmth or may send a zingy sensation down your spine, some may work wonders for your skin and hair or soothe aching muscles and joints.

Aromatherapy Leeds

Aromatherapy Massage Leeds prices

  • 75 minutes £55
  •  90 minutes £65

Using specific properties in the essential oils we blend a selection of oil which match whatever the reason for your visit on that day. This may be a dry skin complaint or the desire to feel calmer or a number of other things that aromatherapy can help with.  We combine this with a massage to stretch and knead the muscles. This therapy will leave you’ll leave feeling wonderfully serene with a sense of lightness and calm.

Special aromatherapy blends can be created for you or loved one after a brief consultation at the Therapy Suite in Garforth, Leeds. From this consultation essential oils will be selected and blended with a base oil (usually grape seed oil though others are available) and carefully bottled with love and positivity. This costs £10 per 100ml depending on the essential oils used.


To book please call or text 07949 772713 or email amy@pulferholistics.com. I work Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays morning until the evening and Saturdays until 2.30pm.

What to Expect

Pulfer Holistic Therapies is based in the offices that surround a local boutique gym called Premier World Fitness. There is plenty of parking and you use the side door to buzz Suite 3 which is on the first floor, I will meet you at the top of the stairs. On your first visit please arrive no earlier than the appointment time as I may have someone in the room and the buzzer is quite loud!

We then both sit down and go through a consultation form. We talk about current and passed health details – anything that may be useful to your treatment on the day. Then we select some oils and create a blend just for you. You are given privacy to undress and position yourself on the massage couch with a towel for your comfort. I will then drape you in more towels and a blanket if required. When the massage begins and I will fold down the towels to uncover the area to be worked on at that time e.g. your back or legs and arms. You are then recovered in towels before the next area is uncovered. This keeps your warm and comfortable. When it is time to turn over I hold the towels in a way that maintains your privacy. Your scalp may also be massaged so your hair may get some oil on it, I can limit the amount though some people like having the oils massaged into their hair, scalp and face.

When the massage is over, I leave the room to allow you time to get dressed. You are offered a glass of what and we have a chat about how it felt for you and what I found during the massage, for example, tension in your hamstring. It really is a good idea to set aside time after the massage to do nothing and really allow the massage and oils to sink in. Avoid having a shower or bath until the following day and give yourself time after the massage to totally relax and be present with yourself if this feels good to you.


What is Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils distilled that come from plants blended together for a specific purpose to gain a positive outcome for the recipient. The properties of plants and their oils are numerous so the range of situations where aromatherapy can be used is varied from relief from muscle soreness, dry skin, coughs, encouraging deep breathing, helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite, being mood enhancers, sedatives and so on.

Traditionally, an Aromatherapy Massage is quite gentle and flowing, using some basic acupressure techniques, effluerage (long, gentle strokes) and some passive stretches where appropriate. Many hospices offer aromatherapy massage to patients and their family members to help ease anxieties, stress, and pain. It is possible to combine deeper massage techniques with the wonderful properties of essential oils, I blend my own massage cream for tuina – Chinese Medical Massage. 

During your consultation we discuss your medical profile as well as what aromas you enjoy. We then select a few combinations that suit your needs and decide on the right one which smells good as well as having a positive therapeutic effect. 


Although recent medicine has had little use for aromatherapy there are studies popping up showing its benefits in various settings; a quick search on Google Scholar unearths plenty of information. This is why it has stood the test of time and is still readily available. It is frequently used in holistic therapies and religious ceremonies across the globe.

It is adviseable to Chinese Tuina massage is a deep massage though it can be adapted to be more calming and soothing. If you have muscles that are tense or injured it may be painful. As the body heals and repairs you may (though this isn’t always the case) experience tiredness and/or muscle soreness after your appointment similar to having a workout or participating in a physically demanding activity. This is because we literally “work” your muscles. Feeling lighter, taller, energised, invigorated and more mobile are possible side effects too! You will always be encouraged to drink water after your session to help support you circulatory system. Sometimes people feel a bit “spaced out” after an appointment. Give yourself some time after the appointment to get back into the swing of your day.

Like any complementary therapy it is important that you seek the advice of your GP or primary medical care provider if you are on long-term medication or have other conditions/illnesses. If you have any questions search the FAQs or call 07949 772713. Email me if you wish to buy a gift voucher for a friend or loved one.

What are Essential Oils 

Essential oils are distilled oils which can come from either the root, stem, leaves, twigs, bark, peel or flowers of plants. The resulting oil is known as an essential oil and a pure essential oil will contain the oil from one part of a particular plant. Blending these individual oils together in harmonious and synergistic ways is Aromatherapy.

Essential oils have been distilled and used for thousands of years and some common names for these oils relate to their previous therapeutic uses. Benzoin, for example, is also known as Friar’s Balsam having been used to soothe sore throats*.

Various plants and different parts of plants that are distilled present different physiological and psychological impacts upon mind and body. Essential oils have been used in traditional healing as well as religious practices the world over and can be found in use in various forms such as: inhalations, burners, baths, compresses and massage.

Aromas are powerful, evoking a variety of feelings and emotions, some can give a zesty, uplifting sensation such as Lemon and Orange. Other heavier, more woody smelling oils can promote a calming sensation, for example Frankincense and Sandalwood are used in meditative and religious ceremonies with Frankincense promoting deep breathing. Smells can also remind us of past experience; Rosemary is said to activate the long-term memory. Chamomile to promote sleep, lavender to promote healing (as well as relaxation), tea tree is known for it’s antiseptic qualities, citronella from repelling insects. The properties and oils go on and on.

Each person has an individual preference and feeling towards the oils. It is said that the oils we are most attracted to are the oils we need at that point in time. This is why a thorough consultation is important as it enables you to pinpoint what you want from your blend as well as giving time for you to smell a few combinations of oils and decide what it is you like the smell of. Once at my clinic in Leeds, I created a blend for someone which reminded them of a culinary delight involving lime that their mum used to create. Although this was a lovely memory it wasn’t something they wanted to be smelling during and after the massage. The second blend was much more successful! Because of the importance of the consultation I offer Aromatherapy Massage in Garforth, Leeds at 75 or 90 minute sessions.

Essential oils can be used at home in a oil burner when added to water. Essential oils are readily available from local health food shops or online and most places have detailed information about the properties of each individual oil. If you’ve had a blend created by a qualified aromatherapist and mixed with a base oil it can be used in your bath or directly on your body. Neat essential oils shouldn’t be applied directly to the body/skin*.

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Note: A number of private health care insurance policies cover complementary therapies. Check your individual policy for details as you may be reimbursed for your therapy appointment.