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Aromatherapy Massage Leeds

Unwind and soothe your body with nature’s aid in the form of powerful essential oils working with an Aromatherapy Massage. 

Through a variety of methods, numerous plants have been distilled producing essential oils. These oils contain unique properties with different effects. Some may conjure up memories that lay dormant for years, others induce a feeling of warmth or may send a zingy sensation down your spine, some may work wonders for your skin.

Aromatherapy Leeds

Aromatherapy Massage Leeds prices

  • 75 minutes £55

Using these properties we can blend a selection of oils to suit you your mood and feelings, and combine this with a massage to stretch and knead the muscles. This therapy will leave you’ll leave feeling wonderfully serene with a sense of lightness and calm.

Special blends can be created for you or loved one after a brief consultation held over the phone or in person at our therapy rooms in Leeds city centre. From this consultation essential oils will be selected, blended with a base oil (grape seed oil) and carefully bottled with love and positivity. This costs £10 per 100ml.


Please call 07949 772 713 to book your aromatherapy massage.


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Note: A number of private health care insurance policies cover complementary therapies. Check your individual policy for details as you may be reimbursed for your therapy appointment.