What is Reflexology?

Reflexology has absolutely amazing effects on people. Clients have said they feel energy tingling up and down their spine, common aches and pains have disappeared, and bowel movements have become easier.

Often people are surprised at the full-body relaxation they get from someone accessing their feet yet if we think of the Chinese saying that all dis-ease begins in the feet then flip it we can begin to understand how it is so. You just have to think of the job the feet and ankles do, to taking all the pressure and force of our body weight and allowing us to manoeuvre, carrying us through our journeys then we can see they deserve our attention. The feet also contain thousands of nerve endings so the power for de-stressing and re-energising is a great one. It is such a powerful therapy that it can often be found within cancer treatment wards for patients to access Chrisite’s, Manchester is an example of this.

Contrary to what a lot of people ask Reflexology is not a ticklish therapy. Firm pressure is applied alongside ankle rotation, and stretching so your feet get a full workout and wind down whilst you get to lie on your back under a blanket and relax.

Relaxation, calm and good sleep are powerful healing tools. When we allow our body to relax and unwind then free to repair and renew damaged and old cells. If we are constantly ‘on the go’ our bodies are busy making sure we are staying alert and moving whilst other bodily systems such as healing and repair are put on the back burner. Over time we may begin to see some negative patterns forming perhaps regular colds, headaches, and restlessness. I all too often hear the phrase ‘I find it hard to relax’. The night after a reflexology session people often report of having a long, restful nights sleep as well as being better able to deal with everyday stresses from working environments or personal challenges.

From Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern Western Reflexology (The Ingham Method) we have foot maps (see below). These maps detail all the major organs and joints of the body as they are represented on the soles of the feet and palms of the hand. When working the foot (or the hand if preferred) the practitioner is stimulating these areas, for example to big toe represents the head, through doing this we

What is Reflexologyare assisting the flow of energy, or Chi, in the body which may have been blocked by a particular dis-ease (common aliments) or imbalance. Regular reflexology is often used as a way of maintaining optimum balance (homeostasis) within the body keeping dis-ease at bay. The areas that are focused on during a reflexology session will depend in part on what you discussed in the consultation with the practitioner as well as what the practitioner feels whilst working.

Through reflexology, basic foot care and exercise we can help maintain the health of our feet which in turn will ricochet through our bodies.

During the session all you need to do is remove your shoes and socks, lay back, get comfy and focus on your breathing and/or the music. I will gently warm the muscles of the feet with massage, stretching and rotations and then begin applying specific pressure to the feet.

If you have any further questions about a Reflexology session in Leeds please do call. If you are seeing a doctor for specific reasons, are on long-term medication, or are in recovery you’ll need to check with the doctor or health professional to you see if this therapy is suitable. All holistic and complementary therapies are just that, they can complement mainstream medicine but are not a substitute for it.


Reflexology in Leeds