What to expect in Pregnancy Massage

P2Qualifying in pregnancy massage with Suzanne Yates, founder of Well Mother in 2012 was an exciting addition to the holistic therapies already being practiced. Suzanne travels around the world teaching her approach to maternity massage and has close links with obstetricians, midwives and other health professionals enabling Well Mother to be at the forefront of maternity care. As such, Well Mother qualified practitioners can support women through all stages of the maternity journey using techniques that ensure both mother and baby are comfortable and safe during each massage session.

What to expect in Pregnancy Massage

When you arrive for your appointment, you’ll be greeted in the shop (Pomegranate Organics) and taken to a therapy room where we’ll complete a consultation about your general health as well as more specific questions about your pregnancy (such as when you last visited your primary health care provider and what your blood pressure is) to find out what you’d like to gain from your session.

The massage will be carried out on a massage table or on the floor using a shiatsu mat. An exercise ball may be used to give greater access to your back and stomach if abdominal work is requested. You will rest in a side-lying position with pillows and cushions to support your body and specific draping techniques will be used so you feel comfortable. Many people are pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they are during the massage.

Bodily changes can be quite marked in the first trimester as such a soothing, nurturing touch may be preferred. Some people receive pregnancy massage because the nature of their work means the physical demands on their body are high and they want relief from back, leg, foot or arm tension. Other people have pregnancy specific issues such as symphysis pubis dysfunction (pelvic pain) or restless leg syndrome and for them this massage provides much needed relief. Other women have pregnancy massage to mark the beginning of their maternity leave with relaxation and pampering.

Pregnancy is a time full of change, growth and development for the mother and those around her. Maternity massage provides the opportunity for you to listen to your body and develop an awareness of what you need to best support your and your baby. We offer the space for you to focus on your breath and posture and can assist you with visualisations to help strengthen the connection with your baby. Mothers who already have children find this invaluable as it allows time for focusing on themselves and the unborn baby which can otherwise be hard to attain in a busy day.

In the early stages of pregnancy, where there are lots of changes emotionally and physically, massage can help to balance and soothe, restoring a sense of wellbeing. Even when nauseous, massage may sometimes provide a stabilising and relaxing effect to calm these sensations.

As pregnancy develops the physical demands on the mother’s body also increase and so massage can become an integral part of helping you feel good. Exercises for relaxation may be given and you can also include your partner within a session enabling them to learn some massage techniques that you can both use at home.

Each person at the different stages of pregnancy will present with different concerns. As the body, hormones and emotions change, so will your desired outcomes of the massage sessions. Because of this, a consultation at the beginning of each session is necessary so we can formulate the best techniques to use.

Maternity massage can be useful to people for a variety of reasons. Our main aim at Pulfer Holistic Therapies is to help support you through the wonderful changes and developments of the maternity period and provide a positive foundation for parenthood.

If you have specific questions do get in contact: amy@pulferholistics.com or call 07949 772 713.


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