Head Massage Leeds

A sumptuous Head Massage treat.

Slip into a deep state of relaxation as the tops of your shoulders are kneaded and stretched, and flowing strokes and gentle pressure are attentively applied to your face and scalp.

Daily stresses can become locked in the upper body around the shoulders, jaw and scalp; a client once said to me ‘I cannot believe my ears hold tension!’. This massage seeks to unlock, unwind and release this build-up, leaving you refreshed and revitalised.

Choose grape seed oil or and oil free massage – useful if you’re heading back to work after the massage.

Head Massage Leeds prices

  • 30 minutes £30
  • 40 minutes £35
  • 60 minutes £45


Please call 07949 772 713 to book your head massage.

What clients say

Head massage therapy at its best. Amy has a very effective way to make this very enjoyable, clearing blocks in the energy channels and manipulates brilliantly pressure points of the face and relaxes muscular knots. This massage gets rid of toxins FAST. A very pleasing experience – got me to be a regular head, neck and shoulder massage addict!

Bakery/cafe owner


MFHT membership number 171407.

Note: A number of private health care insurance policies cover complementary therapies. Check your individual policy for details as you may be reimbursed for your therapy appointment.