Reflexology Leeds

Until you try this treatment it’s hard to believe how relaxing it can be. Reflexology works on specific points of your feet. These points correspond to the major joints, appendages and organs of the body thereby creating a whole body relax and detox effect just through touching the feet!

Reflexology Leeds prices

  • 60 minutes £45

reflexology leedsReflexology is perfect for you if you’d like a full body de-stress and re-energising experience. It may help relieve energy blockages caused by minor ailments such as constipation, headaches and muscular tension helping to speed up recovery.

Clients have reported feeling energy moving up and down their bodies.

Some people choose reflexology because they are on their feet quite a lot. Whatever the reason for choosing reflexology, it is a uniquely powerful tool for relaxation, and once the body and mind are relaxed we can start to heal and repair ourselves naturally. Because of this many people book reflexology treatments at regular intervals to help maintain wellbeing.


Amy’s treatment is relaxing, therapeutic and professional. She has an ability to create calm in a stressful day and offers a holistic approach understanding how way of life can effect well-being and combines this to the physical treatment. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone.
Rebekah Caputo, Drama Facilitator


Please call 07949 772 713 to book your reflexology treatment.


What is reflexology?